On Jewish Themes

I have always been a doer of images. Anything that strikes my fancy is ready for the doing: birth, death, building, destruction, beauty, ugliness – the wonder of it – the mystery of it all – of line, shape, color, space, and movement. The mystery is in the doing.

In all my doing, Jewish themes keep emerging. Not unusual in that I am a Jew. These images speak to the joys and suffering of my people, and the contributions they have made to mankind. I make visual statements to save from anonymity those who have suffered for being Jews throughout history: to never forget the road we Jews are traveling. For as a Jew, I am doing history. The future, the present, and the past meld into one along this road. We do Judaism. I am as much in the past of my people as I am into today or the future. I recall the words of a friend Arbit Blatas, who did the extraordinary 7 bas-relief tablets commemorating the Holocaust now hanging in the Venice Ghetto:

“I know only that I must do them – out of my people’s past, in memory of my mother and father, in memory of six million, in memory of the hundreds of millions of Jews killed through the ages.”

We owe it to those, who know nothing of our road that they be taught never to forget. Along with our sufferings as “Jobs” of history, we have made, beyond our numbers, great impact on what we call civilization.

And so, using the forms, shapes and symbols of Judaism, I honor my people.


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